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Our story (why Brisque)

Hi, and welcome to Brisque. I’m Hellen.

As a marketing professional, I noticed that customers connect with relatable, enjoyable marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing.

As someone specialized in business-to-business marketing, I wanted to adopt a humanized marketing approach even when marketing to businesses.

So I started researching a marketing method to follow.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a resource with a comprehensive step-by-step approach to humanized marketing.

Realizing this, I took up the challenge to create Brisque as the go-to resource for humanized marketing.

I created Brisque so that we can together learn how to make our marketing fun, engaging and relatable using a methodological approach.

What we hope to achieve (our mission & vision)

Combining my marketing knowledge and researching characteristics of brands that consistently create a more engaging experience with their customers, we aim to make Brisque the informational resource that anyone can use to get started with humanized marketing.

Hellen Oti, Fractional CMO, Marketing Advisor, Marketing Coach

Hellen Oti

Founder & Humanized Brand Strategist, Brisque

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What is Brisque?

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

Have you ever had these thoughts? I know I have!

  • I know we should be doing something different with our marketing to stand out but I don’t know how to start

  • We don’t have the budget for a big rebranding project. How do we humanize?

  • We are a startup. We need a way to stand out by delivering our content differently.

Brisque is a humanized marketing blog, resource, and community where we learn together how to make our marketing fun, engaging, and relatable using a methodological approach.

But let’s not forget. Humans are, well…human.

You can’t always predict human behavior; you must test, discover what works and keep adjusting.

We’ve got you if you want a step-by-step approach to humanized marketing. But check back often. We are still building out our resources, including a humanized marketing community.

Join the waitlist here. I’m so excited to have you on this journey!

Humanized Marketing is Just Marketing

Customers don’t want your marketing to feel like they are being sold to.

They want to feel like they know you, and they want to feel like you know them too.

They want to see you engaging with them personally, and they want to feel like they are part of your bigger cause.

That’s why humanized marketing is just marketing.

It’s something that’s needed for every marketing activity, regardless of the industry, company, size, or audience.

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Here are a few humanized marketing tips to get you started:

Be very clear with your purpose

Communicate your purpose uniquely

Give your brand an identifiable voice

Have a conversational tone

Be personal and interact often

Educate and give freely

Don’t be afraid to be bold

Build a community

Start here
Ready to learn humanized marketing?
Start here

Let’s learn humanized marketing. Together.

I share everything that I learn as I see brands that inspire me, as I work with brands, as I work on building my business, and as I learn from your journey. Because, just like you, I’m learning everyday.

You can consult with me. Or simply enjoy any resources here.

Either way, I’m happy to have you on our journey to improve our marketing by connecting better.

Be unapologetically human with your marketing!

Hellen Oti

Founder & Humanized Brand Strategist,

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