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Build a Powerful Brand. Grow Organically.

We teach you how to grow organically with humanized marketing.

At Brisque, we understand that customers want to get to know you, and they want to feel like you know them too. Because let’s face it — customers don’t need fancy-talk or industry jargon. They want to understand the need for your product and why you are different.

Learn how to connect better by creating a relatable brand strategy with straightforward marketing that focuses on the only people that matter — your customers.

Build a powerful brand that humans love ❤️

Who Needs Humanized Marketing?

Every business. Here are few business types that we typically work with. Don’t see your business type listed? Humanized marketing is for any business. Let’s chat.

Our Mission:

At Brisque, we are on a mission to make every company’s marketing relatable with humanized marketing regardless of the industry.

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What We Envision:

We envision a world where companies embrace their true authentic selves. Show up in their unique way and connect with people beyond the – “buy this, this is awesome.”

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Discover more customers who love to recommend your products and services every chance that they get.

Our Story: Why We Exist

Grow Your Business By Connecting Better

The Problem

I started Brisque to help businesses shift their focus from a product-based marketing approach to connecting and building better human connections leading to life-long customer brand ambassadors.

Our Solution

With humanized marketing, you shift your focus from your product to the only people that truly matter – your customers.

Hellen Oti - Founder, Brisque technology marketing company
Hellen Oti

Humanized Brand Strategist
Founder, Brisque

What We Do

We provide the guidance that you need to transform your marketing process from a one-and-done activity to a continuous lead-generation, customer connection machine.

Brisque Culture Creed

Our manifesto for you and to ourselves

Let’s Get Started!
We’d love to get to know you.

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