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Get an A-F grade based on the LED humanized marketing message framework of Listen, Empathize, and Dream. You score 25 points per section.


Sorry! We can’t promise that this won’t bring back grade school memories.

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Any business wanting to identify gaps in their marketing message.

Startup businesses

Refine your message to reach product-market-fit sooner.

Small & Midsize businesses
Improve your marketing message to attract and close more sales.
Large Enterprises
Add a review to your existing marketing campaign process.

Humanized marketing message review questions

A marketing message is any form of communication used to attract and sell products or services. A marketing message can be delivered using different mediums including websites, videos, brochures, catalogs, and advertisements. The effectiveness of a marketing message often relies on its ability to create an emotional connection with the intended audience.

Here’s an example of a marketing message:

Dirty pools breed germs. That’s why at SqueekyQlean Pools we offer a germ-free pool cleaning process with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy your summer, without the eek!

Your core marketing message is your key brand communication that summarizes, who you are as a company, why you exist, what you do, and how you do it. It forms the foundation for all other product and marketing campaign messages. Core marketing messages are often used in brochures and company websites to quickly explain a business.

Here’s an example of a core marketing message:

Who says bagels had to be plain bread? Not us! We make the ultimate bagel with only the freshest ingredients, and you perfect it by choosing how you want your bagel made. Delicious bagels with more than 50 different combinations – freshly delivered to your doorstep. Breakfast will never be the same.

The marketing message grading service is a do-it-yourself marketing message review service. We review your marketing message, assign a grade, and suggest ways that you can improve so you work on the improvements. If you’d like humanized marketing message development to help you learn how to write marketing messages that attract customers, we have dedicated 1:1 brand and marketing coaching services.

For the marketing message review process, we utilize the LED (Listen, Empathize, Dream) Humanized Marketing Message framework. The framework helps you ensure that your marketing message sounds like you have listened to your audience to understand their challenges, are able to empathize with their challenges, and are helping them envision your dream using storytelling.

Each element focuses on helping you answer the storytelling elements of who (who you are, who you are selling to), what (what your product or business does), why (what problem you solve), how (your unique process).

The Brisque Humanized Messaging Review is perfect for:

  • Getting a second look at an advertising campaign that’s not performing well
  • A website landing page that doesn’t have a high conversion rate
  • An unbiased external marketing message review for a new product or service
  • A review for a new marketing campaign before launching
  • A starting point for revamping existing marketing messages

Our marketing message strategy is to help you connect better with your target audience by making your marketing message more straightforward. 

Connect Better. Grow Organically.

Humanized Marketing is a way of increasing organic growth by building better connections with customers using marketing that’s memorable, relatable, easy-to-understand, and differentiates you from others.

  • Drive organic growth by connecting with more customer super fans who love to recommend your product
  • Stand out by embracing your unfair advantage
  • Become more relatable to your target customers
  • Be straightforward with your messaging and easier to understand
  • Connect better with customers by letting them in and making them feel like you know them too
  • Transform your product from a nice-to-have to a must-have

Get an unbiased view of your message!