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Hellen Oti, Fractional CMO, Marketing Advisor, Marketing Coach

Hi, I’m Hellen Oti, founder, Humanized Brand & Content Strategist at Brisque.

Growing up as the middle child, I learned a very important marketing lesson – if you want to be noticed, you must stand out.

  • How do brands stand out?
  • How do they make their marketing more memorable?

It turns out that the formula is a little simpler than I initially thought. It’s no different from any human interaction that we have daily.

When we feel like we relate to someone, we feel connected to them.

Why I started Brisque: learning to make all marketing relatable

Working primarily in business-to-business technology marketing, I noticed that there was often a disconnect. Unlike consumer marketing, which was focused on relatability, in business marketing, we were focused on sounding professional.

The problem, though, was that it created mainly a “lifeless” and no-voice brand selling a product. Although the marketing could get new business, we were missing a big part of the marketing magic that makes a bigger difference because the marketing wasn’t focused on making the marketing enjoyable and relatable.

My thought was if I enjoy a company’s marketing to buy jeans, I should enjoy marketing when buying any business system.

So as a professional always looking to grow and learn, I started looking for resources to learn more about how we can be relatable in our marketing, even when selling to businesses.

I couldn’t find a single source focused on humanized marketing in a way that anyone could replicate.

I created Brisque as a resource for anyone wanting to learn how to make their marketing more humanized. I’m excited to have you on this learning journey together!

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More facts about me:

  • I have 12+ years of marketing experience, and in each marketing role, I built a team and process from scratch
  • I grew up in Ghana, and I moved to the United States to pursue a business degree
  • I love my expresso machine. It’s the only way to have coffee. Prove me wrong :)
  • I enjoy hiking, dancing, experimental cooking, and learning new languages
  • My crazy life idea is to create a society where we don’t need money to survive. Cool idea, right?

How can I help you with your content strategy?

Let’s create a solid plan as your Fractional CMO

I provide marketing leadership and direction as your Fractional CMO in a month-to-month engagement. We’ll work together to create a long and short-term marketing plan that helps you increase growth by connecting better with your target customers.

Note: Due to the dedication involved, I only work with (1-3 companies at a time).

Get a marketing fix consultation

A 90-minute 1:1 noncommittal paid consultation to dive deep into what you can do today to improve your marketing. I’ll leave you with five high-impact items to help you get started.

Work with me as your strategic marketing advisor

A month-to-month engagement to provide a marketing roadmap. Perfect for businesses with marketing teams (outsourced or in-house) or if you are the can-do startup founder who needs some direction.

Get a quick message review

Need a quick message review? I offer a free marketing message review (limit, one per business per month). Start here »

I’ll grade your brand message and give you two straightforward alternative versions. You can submit any brand message type: website headline messages, advertising messages, product messages, social promotions, core company messages, etc.

Be unapologetically human with your marketing!

Hellen Oti

Founder, Humanized Brand & Content Strategist,

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