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Drive Growth With Straightforward Marketing.

No gimmicks, no fancy-talk. Just connect with your customers with marketing that speaks to their needs.

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How does Brisque help me relate better?

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Humanized Company & Product Messaging

Build better emotional connections with a straightforward marketing message.

Relatable Marketing Process Development

Attract more customers who love to recommend your products.

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Humanized Brand Differentiation & Strategy

Stand out by showcasing what’s different about your business.

Who Needs Humanized Marketing?

Every business. Here are few business types that we typically work with. Don’t see your business type listed? Humanized marketing is for any business. Let’s chat.

Grow your business by connecting better

We are a marketing and brand strategy advisory company on a mission to help every business regardless of the industry or product, connect better with customers using relatable marketing that humans love.

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How do I humanize my brand?

Here are the three pillars of humanized marketing (LED)


Do you understand the everyday challenges that your customer faces?


Can you describe the effects of your customer’s pain and do you sound like them?


Can you use storytelling to help customers envision a better future?

Connect better. Grow organically with relatable marketing.

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