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Connect better.
Start marketing the human way!

Connect better, retain customers, and sell more with marketing that’s relatable, easy-to-understand, and memorable.

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What’s Your Challenge?

Brand Differentiation

My services and products are very unique but that’s not very obvious to prospects and customers.

Lead Generation

We don’t have a continuous marketing process and strategy for generating quality leads.

Marketing Strategy & ROI

I need to focus on the big picture but there are so many marketing activities that need my attention.


Data-Driven Marketing

No gut-feeling decisions!


Focus on Your Target

It’s all about the humans buying right?


Robot to Human Translations

Kick out the Zombie Messaging!

A Human Way to Market. A Humanized Business.

Hey there, we are on a mission to help every business regardless of the industry or product, connect better with customers using relatable marketing that humans love.

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What is Humanized Marketing?

Humanized Marketing is a way of increasing growth that focuses on building better connections with people by differentiating your brand or company with marketing that is memorable, relatable, easy-to-understand and clearly articulates what’s unique about your business.

Why do I Need Humanized Marketing?

Non-humanized marketing doesn’t help you connect emotionally with your target customer and it makes you blend in instead of standing out.

Let’s Get Started!
Start Connecting Better.

Explore the world of humanized marketing where we use your customer data to help you connect better, increase retention, and sell more.

“We believe every business has an unfair advantage provided your business was started to solve a problem. Our goal is to help you showcase that unfair advantage in a way that helps you connect better with your target audience. ”

Hellen Oti

Chief Humanized Marketing Strategist, Brisque

Brisque Humanized Marketing

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