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Humanized Brand & Digital Marketing Strategy

Stand out.
Clarify your message.

  • Brand Story, Vision & Mission

  • Brand core message – brand pillars

  • Unique Value Proposition & Positioning

  • Brand voice, tone & unique association

  • Customer journey mapping with top 3 marketing personas

  • Market research – competitor analysis, customer research

  • Brand perception analysis

  • Brand awareness strategy

  • Marketing channel strategy

  • Marketing campaign development

  • Marketing to sales process and customer journey mapping

  • Content and SEO strategy

Humanized Go-to-Market Strategy & Plan

Make a splash.
Build an active waitlist.

  • Product core marketing message
  • New target market analysis

  • Product feature elevator pitches

  • Prelaunch marketing plan

  • Post launch marketing plan

  • Early user acquisition strategy

Website Engagement Strategy & Plan

Attract the right audience. Connect and sell more.

  • Humanized marketing message
  • Website visitor engagement journey mapping

  • Website conversion optimization

  • New website wire framing & strategy

  • Website funnel analysis – where are the website gaps?

  • Website SEO plan and strategy

Marketing Goals, KPIs, & Metrics Tracking

Discover ways to improve. Do more of what’s working.

  • Business and marketing goals alignment

  • Top 5 marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) & metrics

  • Lead generation goals (micro and macro conversions)

  • Brand awareness (market reach) goals

  • Conversions report (conversion rates per lead stage)

  • Marketing/sales goals scenario analysis

Marketing Process Automation & Lead Nurturing

Automate repeat tasks. Increase engagement.

  • Marketing-Sales process & customer journey mapping

  • Automated lead distribution plan

  • Top 3 marketing personas using customer ABC analysis

  • Automated lead follow-up plan

  • Lead scoring strategy

  • Ways to improve your marketing automation system use
  • Lead nurturing tracking metrics

  • Marketing to sales process mapping

  • Lead nurture strategy for existing leads

Content, SEO Strategy & Plan

Use your SEO strategy to connect and convert.

  • Content audit and gap analysis

  • Keyword research
  • Marketing channel assessment

  • Primary SEO targets

  • Secondary SEO targets

  • Anchor page strategy

  • Link building recommendations

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Sample blogging calendar

  • Content format recommendations

One simple price. Cancel Anytime.

Work directly with Brisque founder and straightforward Marketing Strategist Hellen Oti.


$85 / Consult

Stuck? Need a second look? Schedule a marketing fix consultation.

  • 1 hour marketing strategy deep dive

  • Diagnose your marketing challenge

  • Get hands-on marketing direction

  • Complimentary 30-60-90 plan


Or schedule 15-mins Q&A


$450 / Month

Get all your marketing questions answered with just a simple email.

  • Unlimited questions

  • Unlimited troubleshooting

  • Unlimited marketing direction

  • 24-hour response guarantee*


Or schedule 15-mins Q&A


$2,500 / Strategy

Done-for-you growth marketing strategy with an easy to follow tactical plan.

  • Marketing strategy development for any marketing channel

  • Business and marketing goals alignment

  • Marketing team training & resource recommendations

  • Humanized brand voice, messaging and story development

  • Repeatable marketing process development


Or schedule 15-mins Q&A

*Weekends are not included

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Got Questions? We have the answers!

Pre-session market research not limited to:

  • Content, brand, or marketing channel audit
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Keyword and trend research
  • Ideation process

Session details (based on your specific needs):

  • One-hour virtual marketing strategy session in any marketing area
    • Marketing strategy or development advisory
    • Marketing strategy or campaign review
    • Providing marketing execution guidance and training for marketing teams

Post-call market research

  • Information analysis
  • Additional market research based on information received
  • Additional keyword research if needed


  • Key finding analysis with recommended action steps
  • KPI improvement steps (if applicable)

You get affordable access to marketing leadership, direction, and support by working with me as your marketing advisor or fractional CMO.

The truth is, to create a sustainable long-term marketing process, you need to be able to connect all aspects of your marketing into one cohesive unit.

Then, your marketing also has to attract and connect with the right audience. I teach you how to stand out—make your message straightforward and relatable to build a community of super fans.

You’ll work directly with Hellen. The Brisque team assists as needed with strategy creation and research, but I approve all final ideas and plans. 

I conduct all 1:1 strategy, training, or coaching support sessions.

I am passionate about moving companies from no inbound leads to growing exponentially without advertising.

What makes that possible?

It comes down to having a straightforward message, a repeatable process, and identifying your unique way of relating to customers.

I call it humanized marketing, but it’s just interacting with customers as a person, not as a “corporation.”

With over 12 years of marketing leadership experience, I started my career in business technology and software (SaaS) marketing and now work with different industries and businesses of all sizes.

Though I must admit, my heart is with startups, and I love rooting for growing small to midsize businesses.

Grow Organically. Connect Better.

Humanized Marketing is a way of increasing organic growth by building better connections with customers using marketing that’s memorable, relatable, easy-to-understand, and differentiates you from others.

  • Drive organic growth by connecting with more customer super fans who love to recommend your product
  • Stand out by embracing your unfair advantage
  • Become more relatable to your target customers
  • Be straightforward with your messaging and easier to understand
  • Connect better with customers by letting them in and making them feel like you know them too
  • Transform your product from a nice-to-have to a must-have

To ensure flexibility, you are not locked into a long-term contract. The fee is a month-to-month fee, and you can cancel anytime.

Please note that if you cancel your services mid-month, your service cancellation will start at the beginning of the following month.

We’ll use the remaining time to wrap up and ensure there is a proper handoff.

You can request a refund for any unused services you’ve already paid for within 60-days. You also have the option of rolling over to the following month.

For example, if you sign up for the marketing advisory plan but happen to be away on vacation for that month, you can request a full refund or ask to roll over to the next month.

Hellen Oti, Fractional CMO, Marketing Advisor, Marketing Coach

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