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✔ Humanized Marketing Messaging Team Training

✔ Humanized Sales Demo Training

✔ Humanized Marketing Campaign Process Development

✔ Humanized Marketing Strategy Advisory Plans to help you connect better

✔ Marketing team implementation guidance

✔ Marketing strategy review and advisory

Select a Humanized Marketing Strategy Advisory Plan

Grow with straightforward marketing that’s focused on your customer and relates better.

Just Getting Started

$850/ monthly
  • 3-Month Marketing Roadmap
  • ✔ 2 Sessions of marketing strategy review, development or execution guidance


$1,550/ monthly
  • 6-Month Marketing Roadmap
  • ✔ 4 Sessions of marketing strategy review, development or execution guidance
  • ✔ One-page humanized website audit


$2,400/ monthly
  • 12-Month Marketing Roadmap
  • ✔ 8 Sessions of marketing strategy review, development or execution guidance
  • ✔ Full humanized website audit
  • ✔ KPI monitoring and improvement audits
  • ✔ Unlimited marketing support via email

* All plans require a 3-month commitment. Plans are billed monthly.

We’re Big on Packing our Plans with a Punch!

Here’s What’s Included:

Humanized Brand & Marketing StrategyDevelopment AdvisoryExecution GuidanceStrategy Review
Humanized Brand Story, Vision & Mission ✔
Humanized Brand Core Message – brand pillars
Unique Brand Identifier – brand voice, tone & unique association
Unique Value Proposition & Positioning
Customer journey and top 3 marketing personas
Market research – competitor analysis, customer research
Brand perception analysis
Brand awareness strategy
Marketing channel strategy
Marketing campaign strategy
Marketing to sales process and customer journey mapping
Humanized Go-to-MarketDevelopment AdvisoryExecution GuidanceStrategy Review
Solution pitch & message ✔
Market analysis – market research and competitor analysis
Core messaging per product – problem & solution
Prelaunch marketing plan
Post-launch marketing plan
Early user acquisition strategy
Humanized Website Engagement StrategyDevelopment AdvisoryExecution GuidanceStrategy Review
Humanized marketing message ✔
Website visitor engagement journey mapping
Page by page website conversion optimization
Website wireframing – missing pages/ideas strategy
Website funnel analysis – where are the gaps in the website?

Do you have Questions? We have the answers!

Pre-session market research not limited to:

  • Content, brand or marketing channel audit
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Keyword and trend research
  • Ideation process

Session details (based on your specific needs):

  • One-hour virtual marketing strategy session in any marketing area
    • Marketing strategy or development advisory
    • Marketing strategy or campaign review
    • Providing marketing execution guidance and training for marketing teams

Post-call market research

  • Information analysis
  • Additional market research based on information received
  • Additional keyword research if needed


  • Key finding analysis with recommended action steps
  • KPI improvement steps (if applicable)
  • We empower your team to become humanized marketers

We serve as an extension to your team and also a way to always get an outside perspective.

  • We focus on high-level strategic marketing and rely on your team for execution

Essentially, it’s almost impossible to help you make your company’s marketing and brand more memorable, relatable, easy-to-understand, and more human without a marketing team.

  • We provide an unbiased brand differentiation strategy 

As part of the Brisque brand differentiation process, we conduct research with your customers to ensure that you create the brand perception that you’d like to create in the marketplace. Based on this data, we create a brand differentiation strategy that’s focused on why your customers stay with you.

  • Give your team access to humanized marketing training

Elevate your team’s current activities by moving away from solution-focused marketing to marketing that’s focused on connecting with prospects and customers based on their current challenges.

  • Get humanized marketing strategy and messaging reviews whenever you need it

Often when you know your product or industry quite well, it’s very easy to start looking and sounding like your competitor. With the Brisque Humanized Marketing Strategy Plans, you now have a way to ensure that your marketing messages and strategies are relatable to everyone (especially your customers).

Simple reason: marketing takes time and dedication.

Our 3-month minimum commitment policy allows us to ensure that we can work with you in a reasonable time frame to deliver all marketing deliverables.

Our plans are created to have a lot of value and as a result, many of the plan marketing deliverables take some time to complete.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that businesses stick to their marketing plan for the long-term since marketing activities are not short-term commitments.

The 3-month commitment is a minimum. Strategic marketing planning is a continuous process that requires refinement and is needed well beyond three months.

More questions?

We’ll address them during our conversation.

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