Get a Humanized Brand Strategist on Your Team!

Let’s create a marketing strategy and plan to hep you connect better with your target customers and discover your brand ambassadors.


$450/ hour
  • 1 hour strategy advisory call, marketing message review or marketing campaign planning
  • Marketing Deliverables:
  • Key findings and action steps assessment for each strategy advisory call

Nothing Basic

$1,550/ monthly
  • Marketing Deliverables:
  • 3-Month Humanized Marketing Roadmap
  • Brisque SWOP analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Possibilities
  • Key findings and action steps assessment
  • KPI monitoring and improvement audits
  • 4 hours of strategy advisory calls, marketing message review or marketing campaign planning every month

Plus is More

$2,400/ monthly
  • Marketing Deliverables:
  • Everything included in the ‘Nothing Basic Plan’ plus:
  • Humanized brand differentiation strategy and company story
  • Humanized high level company & product message
  • Marketing Persona Development
  • 6 hours of strategy advisory calls, marketing message review or marketing campaign planning every month

Platinum is Gold

$3,600/ monthly
  • Marketing Deliverables:
  • Everything included in the ‘Plus is More Plan’ plus:
  • Customized humanized marketing messaging team training
  • Humanized Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customized humanized marketing workshop
  • 8 hours of strategy advisory calls, marketing message review or marketing campaign planning every month

* All plans require a 3-month commitment. Plans are billed monthly.

Why? Because marketing results don’t happen overnight, as much as we all wish it did.

Humanized Marketing Planning Services

No Cookie-Cutter Marketing Strategies in Our Jar!

We get it! You are busy juggling many marketing activities. Can you take a step back, take a second look and improve the strategic direction of your marketing? We provide easy-to-implement marketing plans fueled by 100% human connection-driven strategies based on data.

Humanized Brand Messaging/Storytelling and Brand Differentiation Strategy and Implementation Plan

Showcase what’s truly different about your company and connect better with your target audience.

Starting at $5,750

What do you want to be known for? What’s your unfair advantage? Let’s create a strategy that helps you stand out.

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • Humanized Brand Story, Vision & Mission
  • Humanized Brand Core Message – brand pillars
  • Unique Brand Identifier – brand voice, tone & unique association
  • Unique Value Proposition & Positioning
  • Customer journey and marketing persona analysis with elevator pitches
  • Market research – competitor analysis, customer research
  • Preliminary keyword research to help with targeting. Not the same as a full SEO strategy
  • Brand perception tracking KPIs and suggested process
  • Brand awareness strategy – ways to showcase your unique brand identifier

Bonus: Marketing channel strategy overview
Bonus: Marketing campaign ideas

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Nothing Basic’

Marketing Goals, Key Performance Indicators, Metrics & Tracking Plan

Unsure of what’s working and what’s not? Let’s make it easier to tie your marketing spend to your marketing and business goals.

Starting at $4,320

Track all marketing activities to discover areas of improvement and ways to optimize what’s working.

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • Business and marketing goals alignment
  • 1-year marketing goals and metrics per marketing channel (calculated based on existing 3-year average data and conversion rates)
  • Lead generation goals (micro and macro conversions. An example of a macro conversion is a sales contact form fill and micro conversion is a subscriber form fill)
  • Brand awareness (market reach) goals
  • Conversions report (conversion rates per lead stage)
  • Marketing/sales goals scenario analysis

Bonus: Free marketing metrics tracking dashboard

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Nothing Basic’

Humanized Sales Process Automation & Lead Nurturing Plan

Not using your marketing automation system like you should? Buying a marketing automation system was supposed to help you create a lead nurturing strategy. Not quite! 

Starting at $3,750

Design a lead nurturing process and strategy that’s focused on your customer’s challenges.

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • Marketing to Sales process and customer journey mapping
  • Automated lead distribution plan
  • Automated lead follow up plan – plan will include 3 sample follow up implementations
  • Lead scoring strategy
  • Technology enhancement recommendations and tracking
  • Lead nurturing tracking metrics
  • Marketing to sales process mapping
  • Lead nurture strategy for existing leads
  • Define top 3 marketing personas using customer segmentation (A, B, C analysis to determine customers with the highest lifetime value)

Bonus: 1- hour Marketing automation system implementation run through

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Plus is More’

Humanized Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy and Plan

What happens when you are found online? Your SEO strategy should be connected to a content marketing strategy to keep the conversation going.

Starting at $6,775

Connect your content strategy to your SEO strategy to connect and convert.

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • Content audit and gap analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Marketing channel assessment
  • Primary SEO targets
  • Secondary SEO targets
  • Primary anchor page strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Sample blogging calendar
  • Content format recommendations
  • Low hanging fruit SEO targets
  • Link building recommendations – actual link building not included

Bonus: Marketing campaign recommendations and content formats

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Plus is More’

New Product or Business Go-to-Market Strategy and Plan

You are ready to make a splash in the marketplace but don’t wait till your product is ready-to-go. Launch your product to a waiting audience.

Starting at $8,500

Let’s build a go-to-market strategy for pre and post product launch.

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • Humanized Brand Messaging/Storytelling and Brand Differentiation Strategy and Implementation Plan. View deliverables »
  • Market analysis – market research and competitor analysis
  • Solution pitch deck
  • Core Messaging per feature – problem & solution
  • Prelaunch marketing plan
  • Post-launch marketing plan
  • Early user acquisition strategy

Bonus: Marketing campaign recommendations

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Plus is More’

Humanized Website Optimization Strategy and Plan

Improving your website goes beyond your website looking good. You need to have a full website strategy and plan.

Starting at $5,275

Let’s create a website strategy and plan to connect, convert and sell more.

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • High-level humanized marketing messaging
  • Page by page website conversion optimization analysis
  • Website wireframing – missing pages/ideas strategy
  • Keywords and trend research
  • Website funnel analysis – where are the gaps in the website?
  • On-page SEO recommendations
  • Conversion optimization strategy – including new content development recommendations
  • Website conversion optimization tracking metrics

Bonus: Content marketing recommendations

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Plus is More’

It pays to get visibility into all marketing areas. It’s even better when it’s all tied to your overarching business goals. Let’s connect all your activities.

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • Humanized Brand Messaging/Storytelling and Brand Differentiation Strategy and Implementation Plan. View deliverables »
  • Marketing Goals, Key Performance Indicators, Metrics & Tracking Plan. View deliverables »
  • Humanized Sales Process Automation & Lead Nurturing Plan. View deliverables »
  • Humanized Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy and Plan. View deliverables »
  • Humanized Website Optimization Strategy & Plan View deliverables »
  • Marketing Channel Strategy and Plan for all relevant marketing channels

Bonus: Marketing campaign recommendations

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Platinum is Gold’

Humanized Integrated Marketing Strategy & Plan

Stop the “spray and hope” marketing activities method. Create better visibility with an integrated marketing strategy and plan that connects all marketing activities.

Starting at $11,250

How Does the Brisque Humanized Marketing Strategy Advisory Plans Work?

We are always available to help you create long-term relatable marketing strategies that connect better. Let’s have fun showcasing your unique business.


Data-Driven Marketing

No gut-feeling decisions!


Focus on Your Target

It’s all about the humans buying right?


Robot to Human Translations

Kick out the Zombie Messaging!

Who Should Sign Up?

  • We don’t have a long-term marketing plan

    We are running a lot of marketing activities but we don’t have a cohesive long-term marketing plan that elevates our brand.

  • We have a lot of cold outreach marketing activities

    We are doing a lot of cold outreach at the moment. We don’t have a marketing process that brings us leads continuously.

  • We don’t have a lead nurturing process

    We are getting a lot of leads but we don’t know how to nurture the leads to build deeper connections if they are not ready to buy today.

  • We have difficulty simplifying our technical products

    We have a very technical product or process and sometimes it’s not so easy to make our marketing simple to understand.

Humanized Marketing for Every Business Size.

We Help You

Connect Better

Make your marketing more relatable by focusing on the problems that you solve.

Retain Customers

Build brand ambassadors and loyalists who buy into why your business is different.

Sell More

When your marketing is not confusing, you build emotional connections to increase sales.

Do you have Questions? We have the answers!

  • Human Brand Strategy/Story
  • Humanized Marketing-to-Sales Process & Lead Nurturing Automation Plan & Strategy
  • Humanized Content Marketing Strategy
  • Humanized Pay Per Click Advertising Strategy
  • Humanized Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • Humanized Video Marketing Strategy
  • Humanized Email Marketing Plan & Strategy
  • Humanized Social Media & Audience Connection Strategy
  • Humanized Direct Outreach Strategy – events, speaking, media, podcasts, direct mail
  • Humanized Website Conversion Optimization And Engagement Plan
  • Marketing Innovation Plan
  • Humanized New Product Go-to-Market Plan & Strategy
  • New Product Naming and Brand Positioning Plan & Strategy

Increase growth. Differentiate Your Brand. Connect Better.

Humanized Marketing is a way of increasing growth that focuses on building better connections with people by differentiating your brand or company with marketing that is memorable, relatable, easy to understand, and clearly articulates what’s unique about your business.

Build Brand Ambassadors

With a human-centered marketing approach, you can connect with your core audience of people that buy into why you exist as a company. In turn, creating a community of die-hard brand ambassadors who spread the message.

Stand Out in a Sea of Robotic-Sounding Humans

Building a human brand allows you to stand out, in the sea of robotic-sounding humans and gives you a better fighting chance especially if you have a newer product or are a smaller business.

Helps Your Audience Relate to You

When your marketing is relatable, people can easily envision how your product will enhance their lives.

Makes You Easier to Understand

A human touch to marketing helps you simplify your messages. In most cases, you don’t get a do-over if a customer finds it difficult to understand why your product is needed. They just move on to the next provider.

Become a Living-Breathing Entity

Being human in your marketing transforms your company from a distant entity to a living breathing company with people. People prefer to connect with other people and not companies.

Become a Must-Have Instead of a Nice-to-Have

When customers find a brand that they connect with, that sells a product that they love, it makes the purchasing decision a no-brainer.
  • We empower your team to become humanized marketers

We serve as an extension to your team and also a way to always get an outside perspective.

  • We focus on high-level strategic marketing and rely on your team for execution

Essentially, it’s almost impossible to help you make your company’s marketing and brand more memorable, relatable, easy-to-understand, and more human without a marketing team.

  • We provide an unbiased brand differentiation strategy 

As part of the Brisque brand differentiation process, we conduct research with your customers to ensure that you are creating the brand perception that you’d like to create in the marketplace. Then based on this data, we create a brand differentiation strategy that’s focused on why your customers stay with you.

  • Give your team access to humanized marketing training

As a platinum plan member, your team will also gain access to humanized marketing training. This elevates your team’s current activities by moving away from solution-focused marketing to marketing that’s focused on connecting with prospects and customers based on their current challenges.

  • Get humanized marketing strategy and messaging reviews whenever you need it

Often when you know your product or industry quite well, it’s very easy to start looking and sounding like your competitor. With the Brisque Humanized Marketing Strategist Plans, you now have a way to always ensure that your marketing messages and strategies are relatable to everyone.

Simple reason: marketing takes time and dedication.

Our 3-month minimum commitment policy allows us to ensure that we can work with you in a reasonable time frame to deliver all marketing deliverables.

Our plans are created to have a lot of value and as a result, many of the plan marketing deliverables take some time to complete.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that businesses stick to their marketing plan for the long-term since marketing activities are not short-term commitments.

The 3-month commitment is a minimum. Strategic marketing planning is a continuous process that requires refinement and is needed well beyond three months.

  • Pre-call market research not limited to:
    • Content, brand, and messaging audit
    • Competitor research and analysis
    • Keyword and trend research
    • Ideation process
  • Providing guidance for marketing teams
  • One-hour virtual humanized marketing strategy session in any marketing area:
    • Marketing strategy review
    • Marketing KPI analysis
    • Marketing campaign idea brainstorming
    • Marketing campaign performance review
    • Marketing message review
    • Brand audit review
  • Post-call market research
    • Information analysis
    • Additional market research based on information received
    • Additional keyword research if needed


Key finding analysis document with recommended action steps

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