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Let’s build a powerful brand to drive organic growth.

Hey there, I’m Hellen Oti,
Brisque founder, and Chief Humanized Brand Strategist.

Working in the tech industry for over a decade, I mastered the art of translating technical language to straightforward marketing messages that focus on why a product is needed and not what it does.

Customers today want to get a sense that you know them, and they also want to get to know you.

That’s why having a relatable brand strategy is so important.

But it all starts with an effective message.

At Brisque, we believe marketing is a message delivered as a captivating, relatable story that inspires action.

Stand out. Nail your message and story.

Improve your message

Straightforward message wins.

Connect with empathy

Show that you understand.

Be memorable

Differentiate and stand out.

Refine. Repeat.

Increase organic growth.

Our Process:
Work 1:1 with an experienced brand strategist.

Brisque 3-Month Iterative Consulting Process:

1st Month: Humanized Brand Strategy Development

Our first month will be focused on developing a humanized brand and marketing strategy that helps you stand out and connect better. We do this by understanding your business goals, challenges, and a deep dive of your customers (the stars of our marketing strategy).

  • Week 1: Information gathering/workshops
  • Week 2: Strategy development
  • Week 3: Strategy finalization/resource alignment
  • Week 4: Marketing strategy campaign development

2nd Month: Humanized Marketing Strategy Testing

Our second month will be focused on guiding you through your implementation. We group our 3-month marketing roadmap based on the effort needed: easy, medium, high. We start with the easy activities then work our way.

  • Week 1: Easy but high impact activities guidance
  • Week 2: Medium difficulty activities implementation guidance
  • Week 3: High difficulty activities implementation guidance
  • Week 4: Progress review – what’s worked
Marketing Strategy Consulting Firm Process

3rd Month: Humanized Marketing Strategy Iteration

Our third month focuses on improvement. During this month, we’ll take everything that we’ve learned from the previous months to make things better. As your brand strategist, we help you identify more ways to double down on what’s working and cut out what’s not.

  • Week 1: Reach improvement strategy guidance
  • Week 2: Engagement improvement strategy guidance
  • Week 3: Conversion improvement strategy guidance
  • Week 4: Progress review – iterated strategy moving forward
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What happens after the three-month period?

After every three months, we restart the process. This gives us the chance to re-adjust and iterate in real-time.

Select a plan

Here’s How to Get Started

What is Humanized Marketing Strategy Consulting?

Marketing is not one-and-done. As your brand and marketing strategy consultant, we provide the know-how to help you create a sustainable marketing methodology that not only helps you connect better but also increases growth — organically.

Brand & Marketing Strategy Consulting Value Plans

No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.


$255/ consultation
  • One-time consultation
    Perfect for quick marketing consultations.

  • One-on-One humanized marketing messaging workshop or marketing review
  • ✔ Free marketing message review and fix (value of $89)
  • ✔ Easy-to-follow messaging guidelines (for up to 100-word marketing message)

Plus is More

$885/ monthly
  • Save 76%
  • Long-term value plan
    Ideal for building a repeatable marketing process.

  • Key Deliverables:
  • ✔ Humanized brand story development
  • ✔ 3-month marketing roadmap development
  • ✔ Unique brand identifier discovery (how to stand out in the marketplace)
  • ✔ Humanized marketing messaging
  • ✔ Marketing strategy review (in any marketing area)
  • ✔ Marketing challenge brainstorming and solutions

Marketing sessions are customized

Also Included in the Marketing Advisory Plans:

  • ✔ Top 3 high impact marketing areas to tackle
  • ✔ Free marketing message review and fix (value of $89)
  • ✔ Easy-to-follow messaging guidelines (for up to 100-word marketing message)
  • ✔ Unlimited marketing support and brainstorming via email
  • ✔ Key marketing metrics to track

Top brand strategy coaching questions.

  • We empower your team to become humanized marketers

We serve as an extension to your team and also a way to always get an outside perspective.

  • We focus on high-level strategic marketing and rely on your team for execution

Essentially, it’s almost impossible to help you make your company’s marketing and brand more memorable, relatable, easy-to-understand, and more human without a marketing team.

  • We provide an unbiased brand differentiation strategy

As part of the Brisque brand differentiation process, we conduct research with your customers to ensure that you are creating the brand perception that you’d like to create in the marketplace. Then based on this data, we create a brand differentiation strategy that’s focused on why your customers stay with you.

  • Get humanized marketing strategy and messaging reviews whenever you need it

Marketing is just about communicating effectively. With the Brisque Humanized Marketing Reviews, you now have a way to always ensure that your marketing messages and strategies are relatable to everyone.

We work with all businesses of all sizes. We love helping budding entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, and scale-ups as well as small to midsize businesses.

For large companies with a full marketing team, we enjoy providing unbiased outside marketing views while working on marketing campaigns or launching new products.

  • Pre-call market research is not limited to:
    • Content, brand, and messaging audit
    • Competitor research and analysis
    • Keyword and trend research
    • Ideation process
  • Guiding marketing teams
  • 35-45 minute virtual humanized marketing strategy session in any marketing area:
    • Marketing strategy review
    • Marketing KPI analysis
    • Marketing campaign idea brainstorming
    • Marketing campaign performance review
    • Marketing message review
    • Brand audit review
  • Post-call market research
    • Information analysis
    • Additional market research based on information received
    • Additional keyword research if needed


Key finding analysis document with recommended action steps

  • Human Brand Strategy/Story
  • Humanized Marketing-to-Sales Process & Lead Nurturing Automation Plan & Strategy
  • Humanized Content Marketing Strategy
  • Humanized Pay Per Click Advertising Strategy
  • Humanized Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • Humanized Video Marketing Strategy
  • Humanized Email Marketing Plan & Strategy
  • Humanized Social Media & Audience Connection Strategy
  • Humanized Direct Outreach Strategy – events, speaking, media, podcasts, direct mail
  • Humanized Website Conversion Optimization And Engagement Plan
  • Marketing Innovation Plan
  • Humanized New Product Go-to-Market Plan & Strategy
  • New Product Naming and Brand Positioning Plan & Strategy
  • Key findings and action steps assessment for each marketing strategy session

Grow Organically. Connect Better.

Humanized Marketing is a way of increasing organic growth by building better connections with customers using marketing that’s memorable, relatable, easy-to-understand, and differentiates you from others.

  • Drive organic growth by connecting with more customer super fans who love to recommend your product
  • Stand out by embracing your unfair advantage
  • Become more relatable to your target customers
  • Be straightforward with your messaging and easier to understand
  • Connect better with customers by letting them in and making them feel like you know them too
  • Transform your product from a nice-to-have to a must-have

We offer a 30-day refund for any unused brand and marketing strategy consulting plans. In addition, for new customers, if after selecting a plan, you fail to book a kickoff call within 30-days, we’ll automatically refund your purchase.

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