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  • Marketing Strategy & ROI

Humanized Strategic Marketing Plans

  • Long-term humanized marketing plans
  • Humanized marketing messaging training
  • Track customer listening metrics
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You can’t improve marketing ROI, if you can’t prove your marketing ROI.

You can’t improve marketing ROI,

if you can’t prove your marketing ROI.

Why is a Humanized Marketing Strategy & Plan Different?

Our humanized marketing strategy and plans include marketing metrics to track for all marketing activities not just some.

You can’t improve your Marketing Return on Investment (ROI), if you can’t prove your marketing ROI.

marketing return on investment for software technology companies

Humanized Marketing Goals Strategy Services

Track all marketing activities to discover areas of improvement and ways to optimize what’s working.

Marketing Goals, Key Performance Indicators, Metrics & Tracking Plan

Unsure of what’s working and what’s not? Let’s make it easier to tie your marketing spend to your marketing and business goals.

Starting at $4,320

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • Business and marketing goals alignment
  • 1-year marketing goals and metrics per marketing channel (calculated based on existing 3-year average data and conversion rates)
  • Lead generation goals (micro and macro conversions. An example of a macro conversion is a sales contact form fill and micro conversion is a subscriber form fill)
  • Brand awareness (market reach) goals
  • Conversions report (conversion rates per lead stage)
  • Marketing/sales goals scenario analysis

Bonus: Free marketing metrics tracking dashboard

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Nothing Basic’

Create a marketing strategy that's centered on buying humans (also known as your customers).

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proving marketing return on investment (ROI) for tech companies

Prove your marketing return without the need for a crystal ball.

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