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How We Help You Get and Retain Customers

humanized lead generation- lead nurturing - customer retention
  • Lead Generation Strategy

Humanized Lead Generation & Nurturing Strategy

  • Create a lead generation process that works while you sleep
  • Connect with prospects regardless of where they are in the buying process

  • Humanized customer engagement to help deepen relationships

Humanized Sales Process Automation & Lead Generation Nurturing Strategy

Design a lead nurturing process and strategy that’s focused on your customer’s challenges.

Humanized Sales Process Automation & Lead Nurturing Plan

Not using your marketing automation system like you should? Buying a marketing automation system was supposed to help you create a lead nurturing strategy. Not quite! 

Starting at $3,750

Key Marketing Deliverables:

  • Marketing to Sales process and customer journey mapping
  • Automated lead distribution plan
  • Automated lead follow up plan – plan will include 3 sample follow up implementations
  • Lead scoring strategy
  • Technology enhancement recommendations and tracking
  • Lead nurturing tracking metrics
  • Marketing to sales process mapping
  • Lead nurture strategy for existing leads
  • Define top 3 marketing personas using customer segmentation (A, B, C analysis to determine customers with the highest lifetime value)

Bonus: 1- hour Marketing automation system implementation run through

Recommended Marketing Advisory Plan: ‘Plus is More’


Data-Driven Marketing

No gut-feeling decisions!


Focus on Your Target

It’s all about the humans buying right?


Robot to Human Translations

Kick out the Zombie Messaging!

Build a lead generation strategy that helps you connect better and works while you sleep.

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