Humanize Your Technology Marketing

Most technology companies start with a story that goes something like this:

A founder sees a problem, the founder wants to solve that problem, and the founder creates the solution to the problem (software, I.T services, etc.). At a high-level, marketing the technology solution sounds easy right? You simply discuss how the solution solves the problem and the people who are interested in solving that problem and have the resources will buy it.

Here’s the problem.

After painstakingly developing a solution, the founder falls in love with the solution. As a result, the marketing focus shifts from the problem-solution narrative to a deep technical dive on the solution. The company starts to sound robotic and essentially the conversation shifts from “why do I need your solution?” to “here’s how my solution works.” While this seems harmless, it causes confusion for end-users who are not super technical. The potential end-user is also now tasked with trying to decode messages and it doesn’t create a deep connection beyond the functionality of the solution.

Worst of all, the organization loses its ‘special-sauce’ or unfair advantage because they start competing on features and functionality instead of value which is; why they exist and what makes the company different. On feature by feature comparison, to the end-user, solutions look almost identical. So, in this story, if the technology company has to go up against a well-known competitor because they are competing on features, the end-user might be more likely to go with the well-known competitor because they appear as the safer choice.

What Is Humanized Technology Marketing?

What is humanized technology marketingHumanized Technology Marketing helps you build connections using a people-centric approach where you focus less on your technology solution, and more on how your technology improves the lives of your software or I.T. services end-users.

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About the Author: Hellen Oti

For the past 10 years, I've been helping businesses build powerful brands and repeatable marketing processes by focusing on connecting better with customers. I started Brisque to help businesses grow organically with humanized marketing. My superpower is seeing the possibilities with your business and helping you discover how to stand out and connect with your core customers. When I’m not at work, you'll find me breaking out a random dance move, hiking, reading, traveling, fictional and non-fictional writing. I am also an experimental chef whose experiments sometimes go terribly wrong. My motto for these experiments: “eat if you dare!”